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What is the most popular tungsten wedding ring design for men?
Source: | Published by:Mass Jewelry | Published time: 2019-12-15 | 1291 Views | Share:

What is the most popular tungsten wedding ring design for men?

Men's rings have always symbolized integrity, prosperity and faith for many years. When choosing a wedding ring or a wedding ring as a dear wedding ring keep this in mind. The ring not only matches the groom's lifestyle but also matches his character. There are many traditional style wedding rings made of tungsten.


1. Grooves and cuts

This is a bit tricky for tungsten carbide, hence, this is also more expensive than other options. It adds texture, drama and personal innovation to the ring. 

 8MM Tungsten Carbide Ring - Gunmetal Tire Tread Center and Bevel Edge

2. Patterns

Adding a model also adds personality to the tungsten ring. The most popular choices include the Celtics and the Kivina.

 Engraving Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring Wedding Bands

3. Stones

This is more suitable for women's wedding rings. You can choose gems and semi-precious stones for your wedding ring. Ruby is a classic choice for sharp contrasts if needed.
8MM Ring - Black  Sapphire Eternity and Round Edge

 4. Inlays

Carbon fiber inlays are an attractive option for tungsten rings. They can convey different moods and different style statements on the same occasion. Some are off-white or black, and some are purple or blue.

Blue Color Plated Mens Carbon Fiber Tungsten Ring Wedding Engagement Ring

Tungsten rings have been in the mainstream jewelry fashion scene since the late 2000s. It is wondrous how the trend of choosing tungsten over gold, silver, and platinum has persisted over the tides of time in the last couple of decades. Tungsten rings provide enough options to suit all personalities and occasions. To get a better idea of available designs and sizes visit at www.mass-jewelry.com.